Getting Started With Deprec

install the deprec rubygem

If you already have both Ruby and RubyGems installed, you can easily download and install the latest stable deprec release by typing the following at the console:

gem install deprec

If you’re missing Ruby or RubyGems then go get them now, I’ll wait.

configure Capistrano to load deprec recipes

In order to have deprec recipes available to you regardless of your current working directory, run the following to create a .caprc file in you home dir.

$ depify -c
[add] writing `/home/mbailey/.caprc'

This adds a simple ‘require’ statement to your .caprc file. You can also add your own recipes to this file.

Now check that deprec recipes are being loaded by Capistrano

$ cap -T deprec:network
cap deprec:network:config     # Generate and push all network config files
cap deprec:network:hostname   # Generate and push /etc/hostname
cap deprec:network:hosts      # Generate and push /etc/hosts
cap deprec:network:interfaces # Generate and push /etc/network/interfaces
cap deprec:network:resolv     # Generate and push /etc/resolv.conf
cap deprec:network:restart    # Restart networking

go pick out a recipe!

This site is showcases some of the generally useful recipes to help you get started.


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