Ruby on Rails Stack

On June 26, 2011, in ruby, by Mike Bailey

While deprec was originally created for this purpose, installing a Ruby On Rails stack has become a helluva lot easier since Phusion Passenger came on the scene. I still find it convenient to use a couple of standard deprec tasks to install a Ruby on Rails stack though.

$ cap deprec:rack:install_stack
$ cap deprec:db:install

If you get the error “the task `deprec:rack:install_stack’ does not exist” it’s probably because you have required ‘deprec_minus_rails’ instead of ‘deprec’.

deprec:rack namespace
deprec’s rails recipes are in the process of being simplified. To preserve backward compatibility for existing deprec users and acknowledging the awesomeness that is Rack I’m doing all the new stuff in the new deprec:rack namespace. deprec:rails:install_stack now points at the task in deprec:rack

deprec:rails:install_stack calls the following tasks defined in recipes/rails.rb

deprec sets default for the ruby interpreter, webserver, app server and database. You can override them by setting them again in your deploy.rb (or elsewhere).


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